Solutions for Slow Computer Performance

Do you need solutions for slow computer performance? In case your laptop or PC isn’t acting the way it should, or has recently slowed down in the last few weeks, you might want to look into a few ways you can speed up it’s performance. Don’t worry if you are not a technical person or someone who just really isn’t good with computers.

There are plenty of guides out there to help you, and even better – programs that will do all the work for you! When we say this, we are talking about registry cleaners. A cleaner does exactly what it’s name says – cleans up all the old files on your computer. It will even delete useless files or duplicate ones that you don’t need, freeing up the majority of your space.

Now, if you are weary on using a cleaner – don’t worry, it only takes a few clicks of the button to get started. Besides, many registry cleaners will guide you with popup notifications on what to do next. This is one reason why people love using them so much.

Some of the best registry cleaners include Reg Cure and also CCleaner. Remember there are many others out there but it depends on which ones appeal to you. In the meantime, here are some solutions for slow PC performance to help you get started.

Many individuals will have their programs start automatically once the PC is on. This results in a slower computer and also it can become harder for you to get things done. If you just want to check the Internet to see your inbox for the day, this is quite a pain with so many programs running.

Also, having many icons in the system tray is just as bad. This is practically chewing up most of the memory you have, so it is very important that you look at the processes which are running. Go ahead and uninstall any programs you don’t need, then go ahead and remove any remaining components such as the tray icons, etc. If you don’t know how to identify the startup programs, navigate to the “Start” button on your PC, then go to “Run”. Here you can type in the word “MSCONFIG”.

Registry Cleaners

Like I said before, registry cleaners can do most of the work that you can’t see. There are literally thousands of hidden programs on your PC which is difficult to identify, especially with these “secret” folders. You may be using up to 20% or more of your registry, in which you don’t really need. This means that all of these files are junk and need to be cleaned up by a Registry Fixer. One program we enjoy is Your Uninstaller. It isn’t very expensive and does the job quickly. You can also use Reg Cure, which is one of the highest rated cleaners if you want to go for top performance.


Did you know that in fragmentation, most data is categorized in little boxes so to say? For example, first you have an MP3 box, then another empty one. All of these little blocks are basically scattered along the hard drive. Now, if everything was in contiguous blocks, it would be so much easier for you to get on your computer and do work. Basically, your computer would run at least 5x faster than before! This is a big difference if you think about it. Even if you do not create many files, the applications and programs you run will create files each day. This is why you need to use a defragment tool and run it on a regular basis.

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