How to Make your Computer Run Faster

Just about everyone has dealt with a slow computer at one point in their life. The majority of people who put up with slow computers are business men, online marketers, or even heavy gamers. It doesn’t really matter what you use your computer for but what does matter is how you maintain it.

You always want to clean your computer every now and then to make sure things run smoothly. But what if you are someone who has never cleaned the PC before? We bet your computer is as fast as a snail in this case. Luckily, what you can do is manually fix the problem or take another route. This route has to do with the registry.

By cleaning your registry, you will be able to speed up the computer by at least 70%. One thing that we love about registry cleaners is that they can get the job done in 2-10 minutes, depending on how much stuff you actually have on your computer.

Now, before you start looking for a registry cleaner, it is important that you take action in preparing your computer before cleaning it. This will really help in the process and can make the PC even faster than what you expected in performance. Now we will talk about how you can prepare your computer prior to cleaning it.

First of all, you’ll need to have Windows load faster with something called Startup delayer. This actually makes the boot time faster just by making the startup programs run slower or in a delay mode. For applications or programs you don’t need during start up – it’s a good idea to use something called MSCONFIG. This utility feature can disable the programs for the time being or you don’t have to have any start up applications, except for the most basic.

Also, do you know what paging file performance is? Paging is run by Windows which actually results in defragmentation. All your files need to be on a different hard drive partition instead of the boot itself.

Aside from this, turning off any screensavers or wallpapers will really help you because these tend to eat the CPU up after some time. Use the most basic wallpaper if possible.

In your Windows XP or Vista options, be sure that the indexing service is off for the hard drive. By turning it off, you can greatly increase your performance on the computer.

Okay, so now that we have covered these tasks – it is time for you to find a registry cleaner. Never use any free ones as most have viruses, spyware, and other nasty stuff on them. Since your computer is already in bad shape, you want to take extra good care of it. Instead, pick up a premium registry cleaner and this will bring your computer back to life.

We have used something called “RegCure” which is a wonderful program. It is easy for anyone to use, and also scans through files in 2-10 minutes. This is so much quicker than having to do everything manually. What does RegCure do? Good question! One of it’s most prominent features is the quick scan which allows you to go through files quickly, identifying any corrupted or duplicate files that the system really doesn’t need.

Aside from this, RegCure can also have automated scans if you decide to set them up. This is a wonderful feature for anyone who is forgetful when it comes to scanning each day. RegCure also deletes any lingering Internet history, cookies, files, and so on. After each scan, you will notice that your computer performance increases greatly and will be able to surf the Internet or play your games easily. This program is also user friendly and practically anyone can use it. That is why we recommend getting this since it is the #1 registry tool in the marketplace.


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