Slow Internet

Some times when all you want to do is check your email, update your Facebook status, and look at videos of cats on YouTube, a slow Internet connection can bring those plans to a screeching halt. With a slow Internet connection, many of the conveniences and luxuries of owning a PC become greatly limited. With … Read more

PC Repair

Much like a house, car, or any other investment, your computer is going to require some regular maintenance in order to keep it in running condition. Does that mean your in need of PC repair? Probably not. The truth of the matter is that very few computer problems actually require some form of PC repair. … Read more

Computer Speed Test

You may be asking yourself, “Why is my computer so slow?”. Well, you are about to find out. If you haven’t yet run a computer speed test, there’s no better time than now! Whether your PC seems to be running just a little slow or is on the verge of complete meltdown, the use of … Read more

How To Make Your Computer Faster

There are several different ways you can approach the situation of trying to make your computer faster. But before moving forward, it’s essential that you learn what exactly is making your PC slow in the first place. Understanding the problem is the first step towards fixing that problem. If you haven’t already, go check out … Read more

Why Is My Computer So Slow?

There are a million reasons why your computer is running slow. The good news is, you don’t need to know much about them to learn how to speed up your computer. Still, it’s wise to at least have a general understanding of what you’re up against, in order to minimize risk and to protect your security. … Read more

How to speed up your computer

Using an under-performing, slow, and buggy PC is outright obnoxious, and with increasing dependence on our computers, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your PC is running in tip-top condition at all times. Much like your car or home, your PC also needs regular maintenance to operate properly. Luckily, PC repair to make … Read more

RegCure Review – The Registry Cleaner

Having a registry that is completely cluttered really isn’t much fun, since it can slow down the system. Don’t worry though; there is a way you can fix this. In fact, there are more than a couple of ways to fix your registry. Today we are going to look at some options you can go … Read more

How to Make your Computer Run Faster

Just about everyone has dealt with a slow computer at one point in their life. The majority of people who put up with slow computers are business men, online marketers, or even heavy gamers. It doesn’t really matter what you use your computer for but what does matter is how you maintain it. You always … Read more

Solutions for Slow Computer Performance

Do you need solutions for slow computer performance? In case your laptop or PC isn’t acting the way it should, or has recently slowed down in the last few weeks, you might want to look into a few ways you can speed up it’s performance. Don’t worry if you are not a technical person or … Read more